Discover our 2022 Vintages and open up the next chapter of English wine

English wine


At Radlow Hundred, it’s our firm belief that the best English wine is made in small batches with only the finest vines. With generations of farming behind us, we couldn’t wait to get planting and enter the flourishing category of English wine. For 2023, we’ve released a collection of Rondo 2022, Solaris 2022 and Rosé 2022 still wine, made with grapes that have been expertly paired with our Herefordshire soil. 


Our red is made with the fruity Rondo, a resilient grape that manages to shake off the English chills, and make the most of the summers, letting the sun fill this softly sweet fruit. If you like a fruity Pinot Noir, then we’d highly recommend trying our Rondo. Delicate hints of vanilla, dark cherries and a damson nose create a ruby red, medium bodied wine. Playfully pleasing, this is one for sipping alongside a decadent dessert - think forest fruit gateau. And if you’re one of those who’s still a little on the fence about English wine, we’re confident our Rondo will help bring you over to the new world of English sipping. 


For our white, it couldn’t be any other grape but the Solaris. Crisp and exceptionally fruity, this grape loves the English climate (more than the rest of us!) It thrives in cooler conditions and is at home in the rich, Herefordshire soil. This is a tasty alternative for those who love a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Our Solaris 2022 has hints of honey and lemon, with an enticingly dry palate for a delicate finish. It’s a beautiful match for a creamy risotto or even a goat’s cheese tart. The label also commemorates sunny days of cricket in the English countryside, paying tribute to the surrounding communities of our vineyard. 

And last but not least, our Rosé 2022 vintage is the best of both worlds as a simply delicious blend of the Rondo and Solaris grapes. You almost wouldn’t believe this Rosé is from England, as it bursts with summer berry aromas, balanced with a medium dry finish. Rip up the rulebook this summer, and try this Rosé if you like fruity Grenache Rosés. This one’s for those afternoons in the sunshine, paired with a memorable picnic and spread of exquisite English cheese and crackers. Take your dip in your local swimming hotspot and relax with a glass of our Rosé afterwards to soak up the English summer and sunshine. 


The Radlow Hundred 2022 Vintages Collection is available now from our website and specialist suppliers across the UK. We look forward to sharing our passion for growing with you throughout the rest of the year, bringing you more content and behind the scenes insights into how we make, what we might humbly consider to be, our best English wine yet.