'Tis the season to Spritz

Couple enjoying a picnic


In recent years, the classic Spritz has become a firm favourite on cocktail menus up and down the country. This has, undoubtedly, been fuelled by the rise of the mighty Aperol Spritz, followed by its sisters the Campari and Limoncello Spritz. But if you’re in search of a little English Spritz inspiration this summer, why not explore the growing world of English wine? And read on to find out more about the background of this drink. 

Simply put, a spritz is any wine-based tipple. Best known for the Italian interpretation made with Prosecco, but it can show up in various guises - such as a white wine spritzer, as a variation on this classic mixer. Generally imbibed as an aperitif, it’s a refreshing way to start any garden dinner or BBQ with friends this summer. 

If you’re looking to provide something different for your guests this summer, we’d highly recommend delving into the world of English Spritzers. The place to start is with a crisp white wine, mixed with your choice of soda or seltzer and ice. As simple as that. Our 2022 Solaris white makes a great base for a Spritzer, with hints of honey and lemon, and a delicate clean finish that’s perfect paired with a lemon seltzer water or soda. We recommend a mix of 75ml wine, with 25ml of your choice of seltzer or soda, over a wine glass filled to the brim with ice. With our Solaris, we’d also suggest a fresh lemon wheel for garnish. 

Or if you prefer a dash of colour this summer, you can switch out white wine for rosé, and our fruity 2022 Rosé is a delicious option for a spritzer. Packed full of flavour, unlike pale, dry rosés, it can hold its own in a spritzer. With intense summer berry notes, against a backdrop of green tea, strawberry and lime, we love our Rosé paired with a peach spritzer. Follow the same measurements as above, and garnish with a strawberry on the side of the glass. 

However you choose to indulge in this summer classic, we think it’s worth stepping out into the world of English wine and experimenting with the flavours we have right here on our doorstep. If you mix up a delicious English Spritzer this summer, feel free to tag us @RadlowHundred on Instagram - we’d love to see your cocktails and creations!